From Birdie Nest

Friday, January 28, 2011

Testin' out the new blog...

Hello out there, I am new to this blogging stuff and I hope I do it right and can share something helpful, useful and most important, encourage others in a positive way.

So here goes!

This has been a desire of mine for a long time, I just didn't know exactly what "it" was I really wanted to do.  But hopefully sharing my story will help or encourage someone else facing the same situation.

"From Birdies Nest" has been a name I have wanted to use for many years, for some type of home business.  My husband and I have called our little girl "birdie" since she was born.  She was born 16 days late and was tiny and did not make any noise except for a little 'chirpping' sound and ate like a bird.  As she grew older she loved watching birds with her grandma, and liked to feed them.  So, the nickname stuck.  And since we are all homebodies, the info I share from our home can be translated 'from our nest', hence the clever (at least I think its clever) title "From Birdies Nest".

In another post, I will give alot more detail and share more of her story as well as our story as a family.  Trust me, its unique!

This being my first 'post', I don't want to scare anyone away.  Just testin' the waters...

I'll be back later.  Hope you like what I have so far.

I plan on adding pictures and various tabs about our life and my likes and passions.  My daughter is definitely one of my favorites!  (It has been said that I have a shrine of her on my bookshelf.  P.S. I love pictures and cute picture frames, therefore I have them displayed on my bookshelf.)  Makes sense to me.

Anyway, be back later...

Serving Him,