From Birdie Nest

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a long day!

Hi there,
I have been away from my blog for a few days.  Been a busy week, but aren't they all?  I just got home from an Internet Workshop in the 'big city'.  We were supposed to go 'to town' as a family and hubs and birdie were gonna hang out for the day.  But, he was on call for work and did not want to risk being called out and have to scramble to get birdie to me at this workshop (which they stressed was for over 18 only!).  So, they stayed at home and I went alone :( and :).  Mixed feelings there.  Yay, that I got to actually sleep alone, all by myself with  no curfew and no rules!  I sound like a teenager.  But, when you never get away, this is such a treat.  However, that meant I was on my own in paying attention to the instructor and all this overwhelming information.  To my credit...I am a good note taker, just need to go back and refer to said notes.  Anyway, the bonus, or draw for this workshop, was a FREE Netbook.  Yes, that is right.  A free netbook to all attendees who stayed for the entire class. 8:30-5:00 was a very long day to sit in a hotel conference room and listen to "stuff" I'm not terribly "in to".  By the way...the workshop was offering you lots of goodies to buy into their company, all for only $6000.  Yep, that's right, not a type-o.  $6K  You get loads of stuff and 24/7 customer support, yada, yada!  So, you can only imagine how long this made my day.  Fully knowing I was NOT about to pay $6000 dollars for a business thingy.  I like my comfy little blog, thank you very much.  Also, the intent of their business is to sell whatever, and I do not have anything to sell.  They were sure willing to help me figure out what to sell...and I know you know what I'm talkin' about.  Needless to say, it is probably a good thing hubs was not there.  He would have got up and left.  And no, he would not have gotten a free netbook, 'cause he would have been there as my guest.  Once I got home, birdie was heading out the door to a pre-youth group function.  I can't believe my baby will be in the youth group at church in a few months.  Man, the time has flown bye.  She was fun to talk to on the phone today, during my breaks.  She is getting so grown up, yet still so much like a little girl.  Thank you Lord for these little blessings!

We all need to stop, or at least slow down long enough to recognize these little blessings in our lives.  They can be anything, just recognize it and be thankful to God, who offers them throughout life, and I believe He is pleased with us when we show Him that praise and gratitude.  Simply tell Him you are thankful and appreciative, talk to Jesus just as you would a close friend.  He loves to be a part of our daily lives, for us to include Him in our thoughts and decisions.  Too often we forget to acknowledge Him, much less thank Him.

Well, I'm pooped from a day of thinkin'!  Thinkin', how am I gettin' out of here today without paying $6K and still get my netbook?  After a while, I was comforted by the reminder that there was NO obligation.  Shew!  That was too close for comfort, but along with some prayers, plus I was texting a friend to pray for me as well, all turned out just fine!  Now hubs has to do all the tech-y stuff to get my new little netbook up to snuff.  That will be a Sunday afternoon project, while I go into work for a couple of hours to make up for leaving early on Friday. weekend is packed and it will soon be Monday.  Yuck!  But it is my 2 day work week and I can play on my new netbook and write on my blog.  I love it!!

P.S.  I broke down and bought the Easter/paster M&M's, so I'll put them in my Peter Rabbit dish and take and post a picture.  I always forget what decorations I have until I start pulling everything out.  Oh how I love Spring!

Until then,
Serving Him,