From Birdie Nest

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

One of my very dear friends came into the shop today, just to see it, my booth and to (of course) say "hi".  It was so nice getting to chat a minute with her.  We are in a Bible study group {have been for about 10 years}, and we break for summer and the month of December.  So we haven't gotten to chat as much as we would like over the last few months.  {Actually, several of my Bible study friends have come these ladies!!!}
Plus...she bought my little squirrel tassel.  That made my day!  It makes me glad that my friends like my stuff.  'Cause these ladies have style, and then some!

Then, while she was here the bus dropped birdie off, that was a sweet visit as well.  Birdie loves my friend and vice versa, so they chatted a moment and my friend commented on birdie's outfit, and how cute she was.  Well, I have to make sure she goes off to middle school in style, don't ya know!  Plus, birdie was wearing MY shoes to school.  Oh how she is growing, will probably pass me very, very the shoe department.  She has already passed me in the height dept.  Oh well, everyone knew this day would come.

Our bathroom is almost done!  The tile is pretty much done, so now hubs needs to put in the vanity/sink, the new light, and the faucets.  I need to touch up the paint before he gets to, can you guess what we will be doing this weekend?  It will be so wonderful to have our bathroom back, and usable.  Having to share one bathroom has been tricky and makes us grateful for 2 full baths, even indoor plumbing.  We take bathrooms and so many other things for granted, don't we?  It will then snowball into..."birdie's bath could use an udated look, the kitchen definitely needs to be updated, and so many other house projects".  You know how it goes.  One project leads to another, and so on...The other projects will have to wait their turn 'cause there are many more pressing items on the 'said' list.  Ah, the joys of home ownership.  Well, there will be pictures as soon as it is complete.  Look forward to it being pretty and new and the decorating.  So stay tuned...

Until then,
Serving Him,


Friday, September 16, 2011

Try Something New!

Hi Y'all,
Do you ever find yourselves in a rut?  I think I am in a big one, maybe even a raveen!  What I mean by this is I know there are certain things that must get done, need to be done and yet I still don't do them, or put them off as long as possible until it is an emergency.  Well almost.  Like the stinkin' dishes.  I hate doing our dishes.  Gimmie a minute to complain, if you don't mind.  We are, yes blessed, to have a working dish washer, but it is old and yucky.  Doesn't dry the dishes like it was originally intened to do, so I have to pretty much towel dry most of the items before I put them away.  {Don't you feel sorry for me?}  If I were less OCD I would just slap the dishes in the cabinet and be done.  But NO!  I am compulsive, so it has to be done just so.  So, basically I am my own problem here.

Also, while I'm dear sweet birdie is always MESSIN' with my stuff.  It is a constant battle, (I'm sure 99.9% of you can relate).  I had a super tantrum last night over her leaving a highlighter - open - on the guest room bed.  Of course by the time I noticed it, it had bled through the comforter.  To her saving grace, it was a pink highlighter, which blends into the print on the comforter.  I tried to use the tide stick on it, which just made the area spread.  Grrr and many more unpleasantries!!!  I know it is just a thing, but I am constantly telling her to leave my things alone.  I had the highlighter out from using it on my Bible study, so she proceeds to pick it up and {mess} with it, leaving it open. 

Well, I keep thinking to myself, one day this will no longer happen...or will it?  You see, she will most likely always be with us or be very close by.  Hubs and I are recognizing this more and more as she gets older.  I always figured she would get easier to handle/deal with as she grew up.  You know, no more feeding, changing, carrying her, etc.  Yes, those things are easier, but, I still have to do many things for her, or at least be there to lend a hand, or things just don't/won't happen.  Like bathing.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Well, not so.  I need to do it because hubs is uncomfortable now and rightly so.  Plus, she is showing modestly - sort of.  And bath/shower is a chore.  She hates to do it but eventually gets in, and it is honestly easier for me to just do it.  She will say, on occasion, "I'll do it myself".  So, she shows some effort, but I need to still be there so I make sure the shampoo gets out all the way or to remind her to scrub this spot or that spot.  It justs seems to take forever, and now that she is gettting older and is in P.E. everyday, she needs one everyday.  Also, her hair is so thin and it looks greasy/stringy if is doesn't get washed.  Needless to say, there have to be lots of verbal reminders and even showing her these things that need to be done.

This is just a whiny day for me, so please forgive me.  But on occasion, I need to let it out.  I have been very bad about not exercising.  That would be a much better way to let out my frustrations, and I wouldn't be so sluggish and squishy.  I pray for energy and the drive to move, get active.    I have said it before, and I'll say it again.  I am in a funk!  I need to snap out of it and "Move to Lose".  That is a phrase Chris Freytag uses in her DVDs/books to motivate.  I need her to come to my house and do it with me, ya know, make me get off the couch/computer and workout.  Get it over with and I know I would feel so much better throughout my day.

Well, enough complaining for one day.  I need to go empty the darn dishwasher and man-up to my chores.  Once this house is put back together, (the bathroom being re-done, remember), I'll give this house a super-duper cleaning.  I need a magic wand to wave, and's sparkly and done!  Now I'm just to do my chores.

Oh, about the title, trying something new.  If you have any suggestions for me as to how to get past this slump/funk I'm in, please share.  I need to workout regularly and keep up on the chores better.  So send me some tips to cheer up and shape up!!

Pardon the down-ness of my post, just reality...What I really need to do is:  take it to the Lord in prayer.

"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"  Genesis 18:14

Until next time,
Serving Him,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Birdies Nest...The BOOTH

Howdy y'all.  I've been MIA lately, since I was getting my booth ready.  It has already seen changes.  You may remember me saying I was getting it ready...well birdie let me use her vanity/desk as my booth, and I added cute 'found' shutters on top.  She kept saying you can "use" my desk, I'll "share".  What that really meant in birdie language used it, now I want it back.  Yep, it was in the shop for about a week.  Birdie would come into the shop and say "I need my desk back, bring it home, dad can get it".  It was cute actually.  To her, she was sharing, letting me 'use' her desk.

Here is old (week old) booth:

We had a plumbing issue last week and water came through her wall from our bathroom, ruining her carpet.  We had to pull out her carpet and as it sits {for now} she has the yucky concrete floors and a pretty new rug on top.  In doing so, I moved her bed over to the wall and she had a nice space to play.  I thought the desk/vanity would look good back in her room in its old spot.  See, I cannot stay focused on any one thing, for any length of time...but her room looks cute {for now}.

Now, you must know my dear sweet, patient hubby made this booth for me.  He is a "rigger extraordinare".  He has the vision in wood, tools, man talk.  I have a different vision...pretty, not necessarily functional or practical, just pretty.  That is where it is hard for hubs and I to work too closely on projects like this.  I have my jobs and and he has his.  He calls me when he is ready for me or wants my help...then and only then.  "Go on, now git", that is usually what I hear.  Whatever works, right!  So, here is the grand booth he made from free scraps and a few purchases from a habitat restore.  He is so clever, I think I'll keep him...{wink}

So, this is the much anticipated "BOOTH" and its name sake...Birdie.  She loves her posing and of course having her desk back makes her happy too.  We are all happy.  Hubs, because this contraption is out of 'his' garage; Me, because we did it 'somewhat' together; and Birdie gets her good 'ol desk back in her room.  Thank you Lord for giving us this creativity.  Now Lord, could you please just make it a success...I'm not asking much, am I?

Like I said, start of school and lots of projects, always keeping busy.  Not too busy though.  I have started a new Bible study on Tuesday mornings and I think I'm gonna like it very much.  It has a little homework, but that keeps me in His Word.  I leave you with the verse I need to memorize:

"...but the righteous will live by faith-" Habakkuk 2:4

This is a study on having faith when life is not fair, right or just.

Until next time,
Serving Him,