From Birdie Nest

Friday, April 8, 2011

Seeing Spots...

Hi y'all,
Sorry, its been a while since writing on my blog.  I have been busy checkin' out other blogs for tips, ideas and how to's.  Remember, I said this was a work in progress.  I at least hope I'm progressing...I have said this before, but I have a gazillion ideas and thoughts rolling around in my head.

Also, I am trying to "land" or "secure" another job.  Remember I said I was not a good fit for the current job I am at.  Well, not only is it 'Tax Season', but little did I know, this kind of work goes on for months and months.  Duh!  I figured, 'tax season', ya know, February thru April 15.  That is how my pea brain works.  Like I said, this job is not a good fit for me.  So, this "other" job I am checking into, is right up my alley.  It is a consignment boutique.  I just love that!  It sounds so quaint and dainty.  That's me right there...just kidding.  Anyway, I am waiting on the owner to get back with me on the particulars of the job.  It is so close to my house I could walk, that is if I chose to walk...which I'm sure I won't.  Working out, (according to my pea brain) has to be done in the right clothes, the right footwear, and at the right time.  'Cause you can't be dainty and smell like a sweat sock!  Duh!  I am all about the shoes too, but that we'll have to save that topic for a whole other post.  Have I mentioned, "I Love Shoes"?  I even get birdie in on the shoe action.  That girl has about 20 pair of shoes.  Yep, not a type-o.  I haven't counted lately, but 20 is pretty accurate.  I know, I'm sick.  But, can you blame me?  I have a serious shoe fettish, so naturally it wears off on her, and girl shoes are so darn cute.  Actually, since I buy them, it really is mostly me.  But, she loves her shoes and plays in them and loves to dress up and wear all sorts of cute shoes.  Right now, she has discovered "high heels".  Birdie specifically asked for high heels for her 6th grade graduation.  So, thinkin' hubs is gonna kill me if she falls or breaks something, I told her, just be very, very careful.  She says, "OK momma", and off she runs in her new high heels.  Nothing broken...yet.  I can't believe she is wearing my shoe size now.  She is gonna pass me in a flash and then we can't even share the same shoes.  That should not be allowed, know what I'm sayin'?  The last 3 pair I bought her (see, we may already be up to 23), I tried them on and they fit me.  She is about to turn 13 next week.  So, can I really expect her to suddenly stop growing, just because we can finally wear the same shoe size?!  Oh well, such is life...never fair!

So, about those spots...One day I noticed a couple of spots on birdie's arm and neck.  I checked them carefully, but thought it is probably a bug bite.  Then I kept seeing more and more of these "spots" appear.  Mostly on her trunk.  Puzzled, (I always expect any spot or rash to be chicken pox), told hubs while on travel and he said, "take her in".  That is our language for "pay $20 bucks for piece of mind".  So he was due home Thursday night and she had already gone to bed.  He saw them the next morning, also puzzled.  So we proceed to take her in.  The 1st doctor to look at her says, " I'm guessing it is this*****.  But I'll be back, I want to get birdie's regular doctor to see this and make sure he agrees.  Sure enough, her regular doc see's them and immediately says the same *****.  Some long-name virus and its not contagious, it will go away on its own in 4-6 weeks.  Mind you, she is a "PICKER".  She will destroy her skin picking at a boo boo.  I thought, how am I going to keep her from picking at these?  But, lo and behold, they have not bothered her like an itchy rash or bug bite would.  She has scared herself over the years just picking at spots until they bleed, then say, "uh oh, I need a bandaid"  We say "why?", and she covers her face.  Yeah, that makes it all go away...  Birdie's quirks, I'm tellin' ya!  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  That should be our motto. Ha!

Well, that should cover it for a few days.  I need to really focus on this blog, but toward the end of school, there is so much goin' on.  Her b-day is next Friday and her party will be on Saturday ( a Teen Queen theme-will have to post pics).  Then we have Easter weekend, a doctor visit in the 'big city', and a "Special Saturday" event up town with her friends, then...(we are not done yet) if I get this job I want, the first week of May will be getting trained and up and running after the grand-opening , then the last "Edge" event for the 6th graders at church.  It will be an overnight trip back to the 'big city', then the 6th grade ROPES trip which is a "3 day/2 night stay" and lots of activities for the graduating 6th graders, then...Graduation.  She is so excited!  I am exhausted just typing it all out.  So, needless to say, the rest of April and May are going to be super busy, super crazy.  Hubs gets annoyed with all this "stuff" going on.  This too shall pass...Oh, and I cannot forget one of her biggest events.  Her dance recital in May, the day we return from the overnight trip...she is in 2 classes, jazz and modern.  So, 2 pieces to perform and, birdies favorite...2 costumes!  Will definitely be posting pics of those.  The proud momma bear!  :)  Then, best of all...SUMMER!!  Can't wait.

Here is a verse I'll end with,

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him"  James 1:12

So, I shall persevere!  Carry on...we have come this far with God right by our side, so what more can we do, but persevere this trial called life.
Serving Him,