From Birdie Nest

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crazy Time of Year!

Hi all, I have been so busy.  Life is like a roller coaster, especially this time if year.  I said I work at a CPA firm and man o man, I never realized the crazy "tax season", until now.  And...I don't want to experience that again!  I finally gave my 2 week notice, and the end of April will be my last day.  WOW, I survived, just barely!  This was so not the right fit for me.  However, I think it's me, not "the" job.  I am best at being a wife and mom.  I honestly feel that is what I am called to do.  God knows what I can handle and what I can't.  So, why did I go through this transition?  I really don't know, other than to realize this and be OK with it and not try to force myself to be a supermom and be the working mom I wasn't meant to be.  Needless to say, this has been a trying 8 months of my life.  But, I will continue to seek the Lord's way for me, even when I get off track, He gently gets me back on the path He intended for me.  I will be working at a consignment boutique/cupcake bakery.  Now, that is more up my alley.  Birdie is a little confused why I am not going to be working "up town" anymore.  I tell her I will be home more and not have to work so late, she loves that answer.  So, I think this will be a better fit for all of us.  She will be more excited when the shop opens early May, (actually, it is open now, just moving to a new/bigger location).  It will make more sense to her and, birdie will be able to hang out there, since it will have a kiddie play area.  She can be like the 'babysitter'...  I am really looking forward to working there and decorating cupcakes.  I have been watching YouTube videos of how to decorate cupcakes, using a pastry bag.  I tried it out on birdie's birthday cake, I still need lots of practice, but I'm afraid I'll eat all my mistakes...

Speaking of birthday's...birdie turned 13 last weekend and had the cutest "Teen Queen" party!  I am so glad we did something special for this birthday.  You only become a teenager once, so we did it up right, right up her alley, and she had a ball.  Did I mention, she was so beautiful?  She is looking so grown up, it is bittersweet.  I love seeing her act like a teen, minus the snippy stuff, but miss my little girl so much.  I think I'm seriously having issues with her growing up.  Is this normal?  I hope so, but I can't stop the progression.  Progress is wonderful, and she has made so much progress, it is wonderful.  We have just been through so much over her 12 years, that it is hard to not look back and wonder where the time went.  I know this is probably how all parents feel, but we are both reminded to never forget where we have been, and how far she has come!!!  It is all a gift from the Lord.

I was checking Facebook today and saw this post about an amazing video.  I'll share it now, and then the comment I made after viewing it.  So touching and heart wrenching.  I have such mixed emotions about this.  In one way I am so happy for the family to see such progress with their daughter.  Yet, in another way, sad that we may never see this kind of progress for birdie.  Then, I realize, God is not done with her and I am putting limitations on what she can or can't do.  That is not the right attitude for birdie, much less the right attitude God would want me to have.  So, snap out of it momma...move on, cheer up.  Who knows what may lie ahead for her, hang on and God will show us, just TRUST in His plan.  So, here it is...

Oh, how this touched me so! Oh, how I wish for my baby to come out of her "shell" and be able to tell us what is going on in her mind/her world. For the world around her to know her sweet, kind and loving spirit, and not look at her as if she doen't matter or cannot amount to anything. She is EVERYTHING to her mom and dad. God gave her to us as a gift, and we will treasure her with everything we are and have.

Maybe this is just because I'm emotional about my baby turning 13, her upcoming 6th grade graduation and then heading off to Middle school.  So many changes all at once.  Well, not really all at once, but too close to each other for momma to handle.  Like I said earlier, it is probably just "me".  I need some strong drugs to cope, or just a good walk and a long prayer/quiet time.  Don't worry, I'll pick the latter...

See, ain't she perty?  I can't believe how grown up birdie looks with all that makeup.
Actually, the picture makes her makeup look way darker than it really was.
Such a fun party, fun time birdie and her 3 friends had.

So, this has been a long, exhausting week and weekend.  Now that her party and tax season are over, I can relax.  Yeah right!  Next up, all the 6th grade activities.  Oh, and my new job...see its always something!

Have a Blessed EASTER, for HE is RISEN!!!

Until next time, Serving Him,