From Birdie Nest

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday afternoon

Good afternoon,
I am so happy to see the spring weather...EXCEPT for the allergies that come with it.  Apparently juniper is through the roof and spring isn't officially here yet.  Oh boy!  We are all sneezing our heads off, even the dog.  I had to give poor Tori a benadryl this morning.  In my book, that's pretty bad.  But, I love it when the sun is out and you can see signs of spring, green is starting to sprout.  If only we could stop the winds and the pollens and all that stuff.  Picky, aren't we?

I got home from church today, and changed the heart wreath on the door to my "Welcome Spring" sign.  I just love decorating at this time of the year.  I love the soft pastel colors and especially the pastel peanut m&m's.  The look so pretty in my crystal bowl.  I'll have to submit pictures, but I don't have the m&m's yet, its too early, I'd eat 'em up too fast.  They can be addicting, ya know!

Plus, Easter is fast approaching.  My favorite HOLIday.  Why, you ask?  Because, as the song says..."Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o'er His foes".  I love that song, along with many others, but that one stands out in my mind when I think of Easter songs.  Thank you Jesus, for being obedient to your Father's will.  Think how different "everything eternal" would be, had God not had His Son follow through with His plan, actually "taken that cup from Him"???  It was cruel and unjust, but that is how God the Father wanted it.  So, we too need to be more obedient, but boy that is so hard.  Especially when we want things to go our way, when we think we know what we need vs. what He knows we need.  He has the perfect plan for us, we just need to trust Him and "Let go and Let God".  Easier said than done, I know...

Now, I have to confess, or tattle on myself.  This morning in chruch, my sweet birdie sitting a seat down from me, just kept on talking and trying to get my attention, bugging me!  It is so hard to focus and pay attention with her in church.  To answer the question, no we do not have another program for kids her age to attend.  Our children's church is for those thur Kindergarten, she is in 6th.  So I get testy with her and super frustrated.  Of course, hubs sitting next to me is cluelss to all this going on.  How can that be?  It must be a mom/kid thing.  Arrggg!  I want her to be in church and to listen, but that ain't happenin'.  And, I have mentioned this to our Pastor and he says, she is listening and getting "IT" in her own way.  I'll admit, she does "GET IT" alot more than we give her credit for, it is just tough having her comment on every detail or this person or that song..."God, grant me patience".  But, I better be careful what I pray for, He may give me something to really be patient for...Yikes!

I need to take a rest, just curl up on my 'daybed/couch' in what hubs calls my "woman cave".  I love that room.  It used to be birdies playroom, then a guest room, (which we never have guests) and now it is my craft room/play room/guest room.  Don't y'all have one of those multi-purpose rooms in your house?  Anyway, it is cozy and very bright  (from natural light-faces south), and has things I love in that room.  An afghan my loving Mamma made me, lots of pictures and my crafty stuff.  What more could a gril/mommy want?  Silence, peace and quiet!  I guess I am asking alot...

Anyway, enough for today, I'm off to my "woman cave".  BTW, hubs has his "cave" too, so don't go feelin' sorry for him, his is a room with a TV and his wall of "ME".  You know, his awards and certificates, etc.  He is in there right now.  So, we each have our 'own' space.  So nice, and our house is not big at all, however, there are only 3 of us, well 4 if you count Tori, and yes, she too has her own space, several actually!  We are a tad spoiled :)  Blessed really!

Until next time,
Serving Him,