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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Simplicity!

Hi there,
Have I mentioned before what a kind, caring, genlte and sweet spirit birdie is?  Well, she is.  She can have her moments, don't get me wrong.  She is a tween, afterall!  Anyway, she found a framed picture of hubs and I on our wedding day.  It has been in a hall cabinet for a few years, but it used to be out on "the" shelf, (you remember, the shrine).  Apparently she took notice of it again and pulled it out and was talking 'to' it, talking about it, pretending she was married.  You know, all those cute, innocent things little girls do?  Then she set this picture on her bedside table.  So, being the decorating mom I am...I decided to put it in a proper place.  I tried placing it on the shelf above her bed but the stand was too big.  So I put it back on her bedside table.  Then, this morning (my day off/YAY), I decided to hang it on her wall below her cross-stitched framed name from Nanny. {Boy,that was a mouth full}  She is the type of kid who notices everything.  So it will be fun to see her reaction to seeing this special picture (to her), now hanging in her very own room, just below her own name.  She will probably squeal with delight!  I LOVE IT!
And, I'm telling on myself here, she thinks it is so funny that mommy had 'dark' hair when we got married.  It is blonde now, {to match birdie, of course}.  I have been told I look like a natural blonde.  I do know that I act like one, so why not be one! Hee Hee :)

Another thing that birdie loves to do is "play" in the kitchen pretending to cook.  So a few days ago, dad had been watching the news and all the Japan news was on.  This disturbed her, so she was in the kitchen cooking.  We asked her what she was making, and she said without hesitation..."I'm making meatloaf for the peoples of Japan".  She had my {glass} pyrex loaf pan out, a cutting board and a fork.  She was cutting up a storm, then proceeding to put the cut ingredients into the pyrex dish.  She was very busy and had several pans going into the oven.  Next she had a tupperware container ready to fill with water, because..."they will need some water".  This touched our hearts so much.  Such a tender soul, wanting to help those in need!

By the way, hubs, the cook in the house, always has to check the oven after she has "been cooking".  He always finds her dishes, sometimes they are the plastic ones.  He learned that the hard way, of course.  But, to her credit, we asked her a few years ago if we could give away her play kitchen to a child who doesn't have these kinds of toys, and she agreed.  So now dad has to share "his" kitchen with her, because he told her she was big enough to use the "real" kitchen.  He started it!  So here are a few pictures of her "doin' her thang".  Dad is just supervising...

So there you have it.  Our sweet birdie cooking for others to enjoy.  This meal (enchiladas) was really good and she was so proud of herself, so were we.  This is just a taste of our girl, being domestic.  Notice the towel around her waste.  Dad did that, mom would have given her a cute apron, one of the many she has been given.  Oh well, that is not the point!

Here are a few verses for you all to savor:
"taking the very nature of a servant..." Philippians 2:7 and
"Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men, because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free."  Ephesians 6:7-8

So, here is another day in the life...of birdie.
Serving Him,

Making "Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas"

Using a REAL knife!