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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hard Lesson for Momma!

Hi y'all
Well, my baby bird had her first school dance this Friday night.  It was called the "Six-Sevie Dance".  It includes all the 6th graders from the 5 different elementaries, plus all the current 7th graders.  This way they can interact with one another, (since our Middle school is 7th and 8th).  A flyer came home and we put it on the calender, because birdie loves dancing!  She was very excited and really looking forward to it.  She got all dolled up, well, as much as a 6th grader should.  She wore her blue sparkly dress that she also wore for her birthday party, her 'low' heels and momma did her hair and nails.  I was a nervous wreck.  You know how it goes, moms get all the nerves trying to get the daughter all 'done' up.  At least I did!-Plus it was her first encounter like this.  Yo gotta look just right...first impressions!

Anyway, on the flyer it said chapperones welcome/needed, especially dads.  Then another flyer was sent home, it seemed as if the old one didn't mention paying, plus a bit more info.  It DID NOT say you Must sign up to be a chapperone or you couldn't stay.  Well, me being the smarty pants momma...hubs asked if I called and asked if I could stay,  I said, "well, I'm gonna!"  And that was that!!  So, we drive up town and the parking lot is all a buzz at the dance location.  Birdie is so excited and ready to jump out of the car.  I spot another mom and ask where her daughter is and we talk a bit.  Then her girl shows up with several others from birdies school.  It was so sweet, they ran up to her and said how pretty she looked and loved her dress, and they all exchanged hugs! :)  Makes momma bear so proud...  Well, I give her some money and she gets in line with her friends, then a few moms take pictures.  Of course!  I stand back, but when it is her turn to pay the "bouncer"...that is so funny to me, anyway, she goes to pay and I tell him I'm staying and he said, "are you a chapperone?"  I lied..., "yes" I said sheepishly.  He said, "did you call ahead and put your name on the list?" (I stink at lying)  I looked down and said "no".   He said I had to call ahead, we just can't have everyone stay, plus I don't know who you are.  Duh, he didn't know birdie either...  So, I had planned to get the change from her and hang out on the side lines, right?  Well, that didn't quite happen.  She paid and went inside with her gal pals and didn't look back and seemed so grown up.  Momma however, was fighting back tears!  I was so surprised, the one mom told me she'll be fine, then another friend drove by and said she had dropped off her son.  I must have looked like I was gonna cry, 'cause they said, "she'll do fine".

I hung around the parking lot for about 15 minutes, then called daddy.  What is he going to say?  Is he going to tell me to go back in there and yank her out of there?  I was numb, stunned, and holding back tears, 'cause there were still other parents in the parking lot and I didn't want to look like an idiot!  So I call hubs, he said..."I wondered if you should have called someone.  So what are you going to do?  Birdie's gonna freak!"  So every imaginable thought ran through my head.  "What if she freaks out looking for me?  What if there are strobe lights and she has a seizure?"  So I run over to Starbucks and then the grocery store to grab a magazine to read while in the parking, distract my anxious thoughts.  I never let my phone out of my sight!  Several of her friends had phones, so if the problem arised they could call their parents, to call our house, then daddy could call me.  See what a mess I was!!  Well, I park as close to the door as I can, which is open and I can sort-of see in.  A little bit later, a mom comes out into the parking lot (apparently SHE was a chapperone), so I ran over to her (she was a mom I knew from birdie's school).  I asked her to please check on birdie and about the 'studid', yes, stupid mom I am that didn't sign up to be a chapperone.  She said she saw her and she was doing fine, just surprised she was alone.  (Usually she has an aide with her or a buddy at school.)  Wow, she probably thinks I'm nuts sending her off to her first dance alone...  I told her my situation and she said she would check on her.  So, I go back to my car to sit and wait, read the magazine, which I can't seem to focus on.  Come on, its just pictures, pay attention!  Anyway, that lady comes back out and says "lock 'er up, your comin' inside!"  I jumped out of that car so fast...look out!  So I go inside and the 'bouncer' said, "you should have said something".  Well, I'm not going to make a scene in front of these new kids plus, I was just stunned, remember!  So, I stood against a wall and just watched.  Birdie was fine and was hanging out with her chums.  Shew...I was relieved!  She spotted me after about 10 minutes, and came over to me and said " is it time to go?"  I said no, go dance.  She said she was ready to go home.  I made her go tell the lady who got me in.  Now I look like a boob.  Oh well.  She said she had fun and showed us a dance she did to the "Cupid Shuffle".  YEAH!!  So, she engaged and did it on her own, not from my intention, just from my stupidity!  So, all was well and she will do fine in Middle school...I hope momma can manage a little better.  I have all summer to work on this little problem I have...heehee

Have I said before that I'm having a hard time adjusting to her growing up?  Well, I doubt about it.  I'm sure this is normal, to some extent, but I don't like it, nonetheless!

So there...I have told on myself again.  But, get used to it.  I bet there will be more silly momma stories to come.  Stupid things I do, crazy how I protect my birdie.  Then again, that is my job!!

So, God heard my frantic prayers last night, and calmed me down.  Or was it the starbucks?...Just kidding, God took care of both of us!  Thanks again Lord!!!

Until next time,
Serving Him,
Christina (a.k.a. Crazy Momma)