From Birdie Nest

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here comes Post #2...

Hi there,
I am excited to get this blog up and running.  So far there have only been a few oopsies.  I usually have alot of them.  So I think that is pretty good for me.

I have been researching and checking out different blogs under lots of subjects to get a feel for what is right/wrong, good/bad, helpful/waste of time.

I want my blog to be right, good and helpful, with tips and encouraging words.  Bible verses will be added for a godly tip of the day, along with various topics and sharing of the goofiness of my life.  Believe me, it is "goofy".

These are just practice pages, I think I need some help from someone who 'gets' all this technical stuff.  I have a couple of people in mind, just have to ask for their help and get our schedules to match.  That part will be the hardest.

D (hubs-the blog lingo for husband) just left on travel to TX.  So birdie and I (and Tori, the pup) have the house to ourselves.  Girls only!!  Hhmmm, what shall we do?  Well, for starters, birdie has Jazz at 10:45 so I get some alone/quiet time.  Then we have to go to Walmart for our bi-monthly shopping trip.  2 carts full.  How can three people go through so much stuff?  But since D is gone, he is my cook, we will probably have lots of TV dinners.  So easy, no dishes to do and no cooking.  Gotta love it!   Then it will be home and put all the loot away then RELAX.  Maybe a movie...  Hey, I said we were homebodies.  We love our nest!

Well, that is all for now, cause birdie woke up.  Now the day can begin.

Serving Him,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Testin' out the new blog...

Hello out there, I am new to this blogging stuff and I hope I do it right and can share something helpful, useful and most important, encourage others in a positive way.

So here goes!

This has been a desire of mine for a long time, I just didn't know exactly what "it" was I really wanted to do.  But hopefully sharing my story will help or encourage someone else facing the same situation.

"From Birdies Nest" has been a name I have wanted to use for many years, for some type of home business.  My husband and I have called our little girl "birdie" since she was born.  She was born 16 days late and was tiny and did not make any noise except for a little 'chirpping' sound and ate like a bird.  As she grew older she loved watching birds with her grandma, and liked to feed them.  So, the nickname stuck.  And since we are all homebodies, the info I share from our home can be translated 'from our nest', hence the clever (at least I think its clever) title "From Birdies Nest".

In another post, I will give alot more detail and share more of her story as well as our story as a family.  Trust me, its unique!

This being my first 'post', I don't want to scare anyone away.  Just testin' the waters...

I'll be back later.  Hope you like what I have so far.

I plan on adding pictures and various tabs about our life and my likes and passions.  My daughter is definitely one of my favorites!  (It has been said that I have a shrine of her on my bookshelf.  P.S. I love pictures and cute picture frames, therefore I have them displayed on my bookshelf.)  Makes sense to me.

Anyway, be back later...

Serving Him,