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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post 3

I am trying to make my page all cutesy, and I need alot more technical help.  But for is another post.

I have been super busy being a single mom while hubs was on travel for 11 days.  WOW!  I have a whole new appreciation for single parents.  Those 11 days were espacially hard for several reasons:  1) The weather was extremely cold and he usually manages the pellet stove.  Filling it and cleaning it, but I did all that plus putting blankets in front of drafty doors.  2) A very dear friend of mine passed away, very unexpectedly.  Hard dealing with the emotions and having a child in tow that does not understand my emotions; plus helping with the arrangements for the memorial service at our church.  This too my hubby usually handles, the behind the scenes in the "big scary kitchen".  Have I mentioned what a great guy he is?  He does alot for and with our family.  Like all the cooking...he is much better at it plus he really enjoys cooking, and I hate it.  I am the dishwasher, though.  So, while he was gone I had plenty of TV dinners and quick microwave meals.  We (daughter & I) are glad he's home, to handle the tough stuff, plus we are ready for a good home-cooked meal.  BTW, I did cook a casserole one night and we then had left overs, but that was the extent of my cooking.  I always say, "I would cook more if we had a better functioning kitchen", but I kinda doubt it, but it would be alot prettier.  He wants a functional/usable kitchen while I want a pretty and decorative kitchen.  One of these days...years!

I still want to start from the beginning of "our story".  Just need that technical help to get it going in the right direction.  Thanks for the prayers and support.  I want this to be a huge success, for people out the who need encouragment and to share my faith and how the Lord has helped us all these years.

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