From Birdie Nest

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

One of my very dear friends came into the shop today, just to see it, my booth and to (of course) say "hi".  It was so nice getting to chat a minute with her.  We are in a Bible study group {have been for about 10 years}, and we break for summer and the month of December.  So we haven't gotten to chat as much as we would like over the last few months.  {Actually, several of my Bible study friends have come these ladies!!!}
Plus...she bought my little squirrel tassel.  That made my day!  It makes me glad that my friends like my stuff.  'Cause these ladies have style, and then some!

Then, while she was here the bus dropped birdie off, that was a sweet visit as well.  Birdie loves my friend and vice versa, so they chatted a moment and my friend commented on birdie's outfit, and how cute she was.  Well, I have to make sure she goes off to middle school in style, don't ya know!  Plus, birdie was wearing MY shoes to school.  Oh how she is growing, will probably pass me very, very the shoe department.  She has already passed me in the height dept.  Oh well, everyone knew this day would come.

Our bathroom is almost done!  The tile is pretty much done, so now hubs needs to put in the vanity/sink, the new light, and the faucets.  I need to touch up the paint before he gets to, can you guess what we will be doing this weekend?  It will be so wonderful to have our bathroom back, and usable.  Having to share one bathroom has been tricky and makes us grateful for 2 full baths, even indoor plumbing.  We take bathrooms and so many other things for granted, don't we?  It will then snowball into..."birdie's bath could use an udated look, the kitchen definitely needs to be updated, and so many other house projects".  You know how it goes.  One project leads to another, and so on...The other projects will have to wait their turn 'cause there are many more pressing items on the 'said' list.  Ah, the joys of home ownership.  Well, there will be pictures as soon as it is complete.  Look forward to it being pretty and new and the decorating.  So stay tuned...

Until then,
Serving Him,