From Birdie Nest

Monday, February 21, 2011

So tired!

We have had a sick kid for 2 weeks now.  First birdie had croup and was put on Prednisone (sp?).  For those of you who 'know' about that's evil and good.  It made her terribly dizzy, which is not good for her since she is wobbly on a general basis, plus she was so weak and dehydrated, it compounded the dizziness.  Found that out while I was trying  to get her out of the bathtub, and dad was not at home.  Scary having a sick, weak and dizzy 75 pound child who is as tall as me being woozzy and wobbly in a tub.  But we made it out safe, no falling down on my watch!  We narrowly escaped the hospital with this croup.  It wears her out coughing like that.  Second, birdie either had a tummy bug on top of the cough, or this croup made her gag so much she would "loose it"...if you know what I mean.  The big issue with that is, she would throw up during the night.  It always happens in the middle of the night, when we are all asleep and cozy under the covers, when suddenly we hear the tell-tale sound.  We rush in there in the nick of time to get her to the potty, just a tad bit of splatter, (of course I had just cleaned her bathroom that very day).  Curses!!!  We thought she was on the mend, so we went to 'town'.  Shopping, errands, and eating out 'cause we were all tired of being couped up.  All was going well, until 2:00am the next morn until about 5:00am.  Dad had things to do at church that morning, so he had to get up and make it to church.  Birdie and I slept in, and she was perfectly fine.  I, however, felt like I was run over by a truck!  Did I mention, I had to go into work to make up for the hours I missed during the week.  So, once dad arrived home from church, I headed to work...exhausted!  It seems to never end.  Then, we think having a three day weekend will help her heal so she can finally go back to school come Tuesday.  But, while I'm at work today, dad takes her to Urgent Care because she has a yucky looking sore  in her mouth which she is complaining about.  Mind you, she never lets us know if something hurts, until it is a problem.  So during the visit, the mouth thing turns out to be nothing, but she has a roaring ear infection.  Man sakes alive!  Does it ever end?  See why we think we should be "in" the funny farm?  I am afraid to say things are alright, but I think we really are on the mend.  God help us!  School tomorrow for her, dad at work, and yeah, my day off.  I might even take a nap, wait, no, I have a meeting at her school at 12:30 then stuff to get ready for another meeting at her school at 5:00.  Like I never ends!  Have I mentioned, we hate winter.  I guess I should be thankful, it could be way worse.  So, I'll be thankful!!

Here is another day-in-the-life with our bird!
Serving Him,