From Birdie Nest

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post 4

Hello all in blog land.  I am so excited that I now have a "cute" page.  I found 'that' person who "gets" the technical stuff and she was able to walk me through the steps to make it happen.  And bless her heart...she didn't feel good, but she did it anyway.  Thanks so much April!!  I LOVE IT! :0)

Now I know how to change my background, (hopefully) and will utilize all the darling backgrounds I've found on "The Cutest Blog On The Block".  Those gals are so talented.  Thanks for the 'cute' free backgrounds!!  I'm addicted.  I just need a "birdie" to add to my page and I'll be set.  You know, from birdies nest, it needs a bird, and maybe a nest.  Oh how I wish I knew how to do this kind of stuff.  In my trusty notebook, I drew a picture of a cute tree with a nest and a family of 3 birds.  If I could just get it on this page/blog!

Anyway, I still want to start from "the beginning" of our story, but that will require some time and thought, how I want to actually write it for all to see.  So many ideas swirling around in my head...or are those my marbels?

It is getting late and I have to work tomorrow.  I'm supposed to, if my birdie would just get better and stay well.  She has had croup, and now...possibly pink eye.  I'll know for sure in the morning.  I just hate having to wake a sleeping child, to find out what they will be like.  Should they stay home, go to school?  'Cause you know good and well they won't go back to sleep if they are to stay home.  That's when the day begins...a sick kid awake that should still be asleep, that I woke up.  It is a vicious cycle.

It's a MOMs job, right ladies?

Well, off to bed, don't know what tomorrow holds, but God already does.  So why should I fret?  He's got me covered!
Night all!
Serving Him,