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Monday, May 2, 2011

Snow, it's May for cryin' out loud!

Hi y'all!
Yes, that's right.  Snow...on the first day of May.  The weather was so nice just a few days ago, if you forget about all the wind.  But the weather reports kept saying, snow.  What, they got it wrong again...actually, this time they were right. Hee Hee  So, we had snow flurries in our little town and mostly cold, windy, wet flakes.  At least its moisture!!

I love the spring time, minus the wind, allergies, and occasional SNOW.  I love seeing the green come to life and my flowers pop out of the earth.  They are looking pretty good.  Summer time is when my flower beds look their best.  I need to plant things that bloom in the spring and still have color in the fall.  I ain't no green thumb, however.  I've done really good to keep what I do have thriving.  Actually, it is because they are perinnials.  I don't have much to do with the rest.  God is so good, gives us such beauty to look at.  He paints us a new picture every morning and another in the evening.  Wow!

So, birdie turned 13 and that meant a trip to the doctor for a well check up.  Annual visit, if you will.  I was a little nervous because she may need a shot to enter Middle School.  Shot, is a very bad word in our house.  We still spell it out.  And, sure enough, she needed a shot, the menengitus(sp?).  She was very upset and being the drama queen she is, made sure everyone in ear shot could hear and know she had just gotten a shot.  Well, we were planning on getting an allergy shot right after that appointment.  (I know, it's a shot, but she does that one once a week and takes it like a trooper, go figure!)  So, I told birdie we would go later in the week for that one.  Boy, was she relieved.  By the way, I signed her up for drama class as an elective in Middle school.  It seems so appropriate, she can learn how to direct that drama for least I hope so!  If nothing else, the drama teacher will get a kick out of her acting!

We had a lovely Easter.  Hope y'all did as well.  It is my favorite holiday.  It celebrates the most important event in all of history.  Jesus' Resurection!  Amen

Below is a picture of our beautiful birdie, all dressed up in her Easter best.  After church we went to a fancy buffet at a nearby hotel/resort.  Fancy was the price too!  But, it was a special occasion, and who wants to cook and then do dishes on such a sacred day.  Not us, anyway.  These all you can eat buffets are probably great for the person who can pack it away.  But, for us, wow, that was a lot of food.  Of course, the dessert section was to die for.  I should have skipped everything else and gone straight to that beautiful display.  Yummy!  So, we left there super stuffed and in need of a nap.  Good day for it too.  I had to force hubs to pose with his girl for a picture, I kept saying "smile", and he would say, "I am".  I sure couldn't see it!  He is not very cooperative when it come to momma and my picture takin'.  What are you gonna do?

Now that I will be working a lot less, I plan on blogging a lot more.  My youngest brother-in-law has some ideas to help me along, I just need time to sit with him and focus on this.  Hard to catch him, though.  So, this summer I plan to "get 'er done", along with chillin' at the pool and going south to visit family and friends.  When I say south, I mean 100% humidity and heat-stroke-waiting-to-happen kind of weather.  Yuck!  Where we live, it is a dry heat, so much more tolerable...more like 80 degree temps, 10% humidity.  Birdie just melts, literally has meltdowns, but then again, so does momma, (I hate to be hot, sticky, wet).  I used to live there, but after being gone for 18+ years, you can't just get used to it overnight.  We have a pretty laid back lifestyle in the summer.  That is what summer is all about, right?  I love it!  Plus, while down south, we will get our "big" city shopping and eating out fix.  I miss all that about city life, just not the hustle & bustle that comes with it.  I am so thankful I don't have to work much.  Birdie can hang out with me at the shop, only 4 hours, 2 or so days a week.  So, we can ride our bikes there and work/play, then ride back home again.  That is the plan anyway.  Hope it comes to fruition.  Don't you hate it when you have a great plan, at least it's great in your head, but it never really plays out the way you invisioned?  We shall see...  So, look out summer we are getting ready for ya!

Here are some pics from Easter, enjoy...

 See, isn't birdie so sweet and growing up too quick?  Maybe I'm just a little is a momma's right!

Until next time,
Serving Him,