From Birdie Nest

Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello again,
Thank goodness its Friday.  Actually, I was glad to see Thursday because I only worked Monday and Wednesday this week.  I know it sounds like an easy schedule...but I'm such a homebody and love being at home, to keep up the house chores and keep up on the laundry.  It can pile up so fast and there are only 3 of us.  I must be whimpy!  I do have a great respect for moms who work full-time and run their house hold and all the many things required of moms.  I just can't wrap myself around that kind of life.  I want so badly to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom, that I'll try "close" to anything.  I say "close" because I won't sell my soul to the devil just to make a quick buck.  I want good, honest, and upstanding work (or work from home).  We just need a little extra, to help out with groceries or dance class fees.  So I haven't quit working yet.  (*I currently work at a CPA office, and its tax season/Man its crazy*)  That is what I hope to get out of this blog, besides of course telling "our" story and sharing with others our struggles and how we face them.  I hope most of all that I please the Lord with this blog and how I live my life.  I also want to share my love for Jesus in this blog.  HE is the reason I am happy, content (most of the time), and have a zest for life.  So I want to share that with everyone around me, so they too can experience HIS love and care, not to forget the "all important" Eternal Salvation.  Its a free gift, ya know.  The only true, free gift out there in this cold, cruel world.  I will share alot more of my thoughts on this subject on another post, and another, and so on...

So my hubby and I sat down this morning to start in on our taxes.  I have been putting all the important documents in a folder, collecting all the necessary papers and receipts, yada, yada, yada!  Well, we started entering the info in Turbo Tax, and after the 3rd W-2, we thought we were hosed!  I used to work for our town's school district.  You know how little school employees make and I was just a part-time teachers aide.  So that was no big deal because there were only 6 months on that one.  Well, I got a new job 2 weeks into the school year.  A real job, just kidding, my aide position was wonderful!  I miss it, the kids and the wonderful staff.  I just thought it was time to move on, giving my daughter more space and a little more independence, before she heads to the middle school.  She has transitioned beautifully, mom...not so much!  Anyway, back to our taxes.  So in this new 'real' job, I was making some 'real' money for a change.  Really exciting, until it comes to taxes.  I was only there for 4 months, just enough to mess everything up.  Or so we thought.  We were sad, mad, then oh well, its just money, money we were going to do --- with.  It always works out that way.  Right when you get some money in the bank to use for --- it has to go for something else!  Well, we took a break for a few hours to do other things on our day off together, and then hit it again.  After entering all our other documents and deductions (remember, we have a child with medical issues and lots of medical deductions go with that), we flipped the scale in our favor.  THANK YOU LORD!!!  Instead of owing 1K, we may now get a return.  Shew!!  We are not completely finished, but oh so close.  I hate this time of year, where you wait on pins and needles to see how you come out.  By the way, neither of us are a math wiz. Well, its been a long, unnerving day, so I gotta go to bed, I'm pooped.  Tomorrow is another day, and we can finish 'them taxes right up', then move on to fun stuff for the weekend.  YEA!

Here is the verse for today:
"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"
Genesis 18:14
The answer to this wonderful question is...NO!  The Lord can do anything and everything He pleases.  So go ahead, just ask Him and see what happens.  He wants to hear from you, no matter how big or small your question or problem or fear or worry is.  He can handle it.  I am so thankful I can turn to HIM for any and everything!

Talk at ya later!
Serving Him,