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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School Parts I & II!

Well, it has happened, whether I wanted it to or not.  The dreaded first day of MIDDLE school!  And guess what?  We both survived...Birdie was eager to get out of bed this morning, which only happens when there is something special to look forward to.  In her book, today was one of those days.  Thank goodness for small miracles!  So getting ready earlier than years before - to ride the bus - was a piece of cake... today.  Tomorrow will be anybodies guess.  She was happy and giddy and pleasant, yay for mom.  We had already set out the weeks worth of clothes, so there wouldn't be any fighting, so no drama in the clothing department this morning, and breakfast and all the usual stuff of brushing hair and teeth went smoothly as well.  Shew!  Then on to pictures.  Well, you gotta have proof of the first day of school, K-12, and thus far, we are now at 7th grade.  Getting birdie to pose for the camera is always easy.  This is one of her favorite past-times.  Getting pictures taken and posing...see!  Then, we hear the rumble of the bus coming and she is jumping up and down in the drive way.  Not only that, but her fellow bus companions are standing up ready to greet her getting on the bus.  These kids are so sweet and really love each other.  Off they go down the street, and I start walking back to the house and it just hits me.  There goes my baby, and here come the tears...yes, even at 13 years old, my birdie leaving for big 'ol junior high makes me cry.

Is it all moms, at all stages, or is it just me?  Please tell me I'm not alone in this.  So, I sit down sobbing and praying, (thankful God can understand my gibberish) for the Lord to watch over her and protect her.  And HE did!  She did fine, as I knew would be the case, but we have such a hard time letting go, don't we?  We both survived the day.  I drove up the long route to pick birdie up on her first day; had told her yesterday I would and then we would celebrate with ice cream and she could tell me all about her day.  I spoke with her teacher and she said my bird had a good day, but was tired.  Its tough on a gal going through all the rigors of middle school.  Then we headed to town for that much deserved ice cream...mostly for momma!  I had a rough day, ya know.  She told me a few details but I'm sure by bedtime more stories will surface.  But we got through the infamous 1st day of Middle school.  Part I - the dread, the fears.   Part II - she did just fine and my baby bird is back home in her nest.  Maybe momma bird will sleep like a baby tonight...

God is so good, He cares for us and knows all our fears and silly worries, but wants us to bring them to Him anyway, and them leave them with Him.  That is the harder part for me.  Bringing them...easy.  Leaving them...still a work in progress.  Well, I am exhausted!

Until next time,
Serving Him,

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