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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Birdies Nest...The BOOTH

Howdy y'all.  I've been MIA lately, since I was getting my booth ready.  It has already seen changes.  You may remember me saying I was getting it ready...well birdie let me use her vanity/desk as my booth, and I added cute 'found' shutters on top.  She kept saying you can "use" my desk, I'll "share".  What that really meant in birdie language used it, now I want it back.  Yep, it was in the shop for about a week.  Birdie would come into the shop and say "I need my desk back, bring it home, dad can get it".  It was cute actually.  To her, she was sharing, letting me 'use' her desk.

Here is old (week old) booth:

We had a plumbing issue last week and water came through her wall from our bathroom, ruining her carpet.  We had to pull out her carpet and as it sits {for now} she has the yucky concrete floors and a pretty new rug on top.  In doing so, I moved her bed over to the wall and she had a nice space to play.  I thought the desk/vanity would look good back in her room in its old spot.  See, I cannot stay focused on any one thing, for any length of time...but her room looks cute {for now}.

Now, you must know my dear sweet, patient hubby made this booth for me.  He is a "rigger extraordinare".  He has the vision in wood, tools, man talk.  I have a different vision...pretty, not necessarily functional or practical, just pretty.  That is where it is hard for hubs and I to work too closely on projects like this.  I have my jobs and and he has his.  He calls me when he is ready for me or wants my help...then and only then.  "Go on, now git", that is usually what I hear.  Whatever works, right!  So, here is the grand booth he made from free scraps and a few purchases from a habitat restore.  He is so clever, I think I'll keep him...{wink}

So, this is the much anticipated "BOOTH" and its name sake...Birdie.  She loves her posing and of course having her desk back makes her happy too.  We are all happy.  Hubs, because this contraption is out of 'his' garage; Me, because we did it 'somewhat' together; and Birdie gets her good 'ol desk back in her room.  Thank you Lord for giving us this creativity.  Now Lord, could you please just make it a success...I'm not asking much, am I?

Like I said, start of school and lots of projects, always keeping busy.  Not too busy though.  I have started a new Bible study on Tuesday mornings and I think I'm gonna like it very much.  It has a little homework, but that keeps me in His Word.  I leave you with the verse I need to memorize:

"...but the righteous will live by faith-" Habakkuk 2:4

This is a study on having faith when life is not fair, right or just.

Until next time,
Serving Him,

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